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    End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

    It is an entire package cleaning of house which includes everything inside of the house.

    This is also called as the end of lease cleaning, bond back Cleaning, Vacate Cleaning, exit Cleaning, and move out Cleaning.

    According to the end of lease agreement, a tenant needs to obligate the house condition same as the bond requirements. Entire house conditions have inspected before the bond agreement and the time of bond ends.

    Many people worry about their deposit money when it comes to get back. As a tenant, you are responsible for cleaning your rental property and leave the place after finishing your Bond period. Your landlord/real estate agent will check & compare the house conditions. It needs to be meet the Cleaning standard according to the bond agreement. If it doesn’t meet the requirements then they can hold your deposit money. In a worst condition, they can cut some of the part of your deposit.

    What is Bond Back Cleaning Guarantee?

    It is the guarantee period of end of lease Cleaning service. If real estate agent or landlord finds and cleaning issues then Bond back Cleaning service providers need to fix that without any cost.
    Our skilled cleaners undergo extensive training which makes them an expert in cleaning. They can clean smartly with all types of properties and surfaces. We put our best foot forward to deliver exceptional customer service along with a 100% bond back guarantee.
    Our cleaners use heavy materials and advanced equipment to get your bond back. It also improves the cleaning results and save cleaning time.

    Why End of Lease Cleaning Service Melbourne with us?

    Our end of lease cleaning includes 7 DAYS BOND BACK CLEANING GUARANTEE. It provides sufficient time to check the property. You can reschedule for re-Clean the missing stuff if needed.
    Vacate cleaning is much more in-depth and detailed cleaning compare to the normal cleaning. Essentially, it is for your rental agent/landlord to satisfy their cleaning requirements. We ensure that cleaning has done by professional cleaners.
    We have professional cleaners who have proven experience in bond back Cleaning. They help you to get your bond back.
    We provide end of lease cleaning service Melbourne on public holidays and weekends without any extra cost. No extra cost for putting extra cleaner in a team.
    Get a Free quote over the phone or email. No additional cost on the day of cleaning until and unless you add extra service later on. 100% accurate quote with included GST. On top of that, we provide cleaning receipt.
    Importantly, we provide Vacate Cleaning printed receipt which you can provide to your rental agents or landlord. It is a part of a requirements to provide the surety of professional cleaning.
    We also believe in green cleaning/Eco-friendly to save our environment. Our end goal is to provide our customers the much needed peace of mind while we clean their houses without disturbing the environment.
    Green cleaning provides a healthy environment to everyone.

    What does cover in End of lease cleaning Melbourne?

    End of lease cleaning Melbourne covers everything inside of the house from top to bottom.
    End of lease cleaning package includes different services without any time limit. however, we can guide you with the expected number of hours it requires to finish.
    Melbourne End of lease cleaning does cover bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, kitchen and laundry.
    However, we charge extra for outside balcony, outside windows, garage and appliances (except oven). We will take care of every corner in the cleaning.
    Sometimes, it does require more time to clean the entire house, we don’t charge any extra cost for more time.

    How does bond back cleaning works?

    • Customer books move out cleaning service over the phone or email with their convenient time.
    • We place the booking in our system so we can send cleaners on the scheduled date and time.
    • Cleaners will arrive at the property with all necessary materials and equipment on scheduled time.
    • They will also check the property and note down some extra points that need in-depth cleaning to pass the bond money.
    • We will also send TWO people at the same time to finish the job early.
    • One person will start cleaning the Kitchen and others will start the bathroom/toilet, as these two places are mostly used in the property and it needs a bit of detailed cleaning
    Happy Clients
    Service Guarantee
    Cleaning Experts
    Bond Cleans Completed

    General cleaning in all rooms:

    Through Out premises in all rooms: Remove Cobwebs/Spiderwebs, Spots on Walls (Light spots) and Tilled area, Skirting Boards wiped, Vacuuming & Hard floors mopped, Carpet steam cleaning, Doors, Door frames, Knobs, Lights, Switches, Plugs and PowerPoint, Exhaust Fan, Air Vent, Mirror, Sinks and Tap, Inside windows & window sill, Wardrobes and cabinets, Stairs (If applicable - no extra cost).


    Throughout the kitchen, we also cover Full Oven clean (inside and outside), Grill, and Dip trays, Stove/cook top, Range hood (exterior + Filters), Cupboards (Inside + Outside), Sinks, Taps, and Splash back.


    We will cover everything inside of the laundry such as Drawers and Cabinets, Sink, Mirror and Taps, Splash backs and Floor


    Important thing at the end of lease cleaning is Toilet/Bathroom.We will cover everything such as Toilet Bowl, Seat, Cistern, Bathtub, Mirror, Shower screen, Taps and Faucets, Basin, Tiled walls, Drawers, Cabinets, sink, and Vanity area.

    Additional service

    Addition services (will be separately quoted): We charge Extra for Appliances other than Oven. Additional charges are applicable for Balcony, Patios, Outside Windows, Furniture / Upholstery, Driveway, Garage

    Other Benefits

    You will also get some more benefits if you book with us such as all prices are inclusive of GST. We will provide proper printed invoice/receipt with ABN/ACN number on it. Our end of lease cleaning includes 100% bond back cleaning guaranteed within a 7 days/168 hours (enough for inspection & call back to us). We don't charge any extra for weekends/holidays. We will provide 2 cleaners team without any extra cost.

    Why choose us?

    • All cleaners are qualified and licensed
    • Every cleaners background checked.
    • 100% Bond Back cleaning guarantee for 7 DAYS.
    • All prices are inclusive GST.
    • Punctual & friendly cleaners
    • Innovative cleaning techniques
    • Highly qualified experienced cleaners
    • Same prices on the weekend and public holidays

    Our End of lease cleaning service includes:

    • You get your deposit/bond back guaranteed
    • FREE RE-CLEAN in the next 7 DAYS if needed
    • Flexible with your schedule! (Start early morning or late evening)
    • Professional equipment & cleaning kits
    • In consistence with REA cleaning checklists
    • All Melbourne Suburbs Covered

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Time depends on the number of various factors such as dirtiness of house, number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property, any additional cleaning items required for the cleaning. 1 bedroom property takes around 4 to 6 hours, 2 bedrooms property takes 5 to 7 hours, 3 bedrooms property takes around 8 hours and 4 bedrooms take more than 8 hours. We always recommend to having 2 cleaners at the same time to finish the job quicker with attention to detailed.
    End of lease cleaning cost also depends on the type of service that you are looking after. Our end of lease cleaning starts from $149 inclusive GST. That includes everything inside of the house from top to bottom. We don't up-sell the price by making silly excuses. Our main goal is to satisfy customer needs and giving them bond back cleaning service.
    We charge extra for outside windows. Cost depends on the number of windows you have. We can give you a reasonable price and great deal with outside windows.
    We send a message once we clean your apartment/house with 7 DAYS BOND BACK cleaning guarantee. You can directly contact them or send us an email with the agent property inspection mail so we can organise re-clean for you at the earliest convenience.
    We always send 2 cleaners in a team to clean your property quicker. All cleaners are highly experienced.
    Yes, that's absolutely fine. You just need to let us know where you left the key and we'll collect it and clean the property. Also, we will place at the same place when we finish the cleaning.
    We provide a proper printed invoice with 7 DAYS BOND BACK cleaning guarantee. Also, we have written our ABN/ACN number written on it so you don't need to worry about anything. If agent isn't happy with the cleaning then we will come back and clean it for you without any cost.

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