End of tenancy cleaning checklist

End of Tenancy cleaning checklist has a list of cleaning that Tenant need to take care while End of Tenancy. A rental property needs to be cleaned and ready for the new tenants.

Cleaners need to be clean the house from top to bottom. The tenant should focus on various key points. This list of cleaning things helps you to fulfil your bond’s requirements.

Cleaners can provide free quote for your end of lease cleaning. You can customise the cleaning quote according to your requirements. You should compare the cleaning checklist and a checklist from your landlord.


During your rental period, walls might get a few marks on it.Professional Cleaners clean the walls mark in their cleaning.


Doors are part of the checklist. Cleaners need to wipe down the doors and handles. Professional cleaners will clean the doors on behalf of you.


Most of the landlord doesn’t bother for outside windows. According to the checklist, the window should be cleaned from inside.


Cleaners will check the cobwebs in the ceilings. They will remove the cobwebs and dust.


Most of the landlords and rental agents want a steam cleaned carpets. You can hire special carpet cleaners or you can get the Vacate Cleaning quote including carpet steam cleaning. It’s a very important part of the checklist.


You need to check all bedrooms, laundry room, dining room, and pantry. Vacate cleaners should remove the dirt and dust from the property.

End of tenancy kitchen cleaning

The kitchen takes the highest time to clean at the end of a tenancy Cleaning. First, take a look at the kitchen sink, cooktop, ovens, skirting board, rooftop, cupboards and switches. Depending on how tidy your tenants were, this could take the highest time. Cleaners will come with some basic tools, scrubbers, wipes, squeeze, a spray bottle, and cleaning liquid.

End of Tenancy Bathroom cleaning

The second most important part of the house is the bathroom. It will take more time to clean. Cleaners find a different situations that may require different equipment. Cleaners will clean the bathroom sink, mirrors, cupboard, switches, bathtub, and the toilet. If you have a shower, they will also clean the showerhead.

End of tenancy cleaning of other areas

Professional should check many other areas in the house as per requests. Professional cleaners need to use the right technique for cleaning so that they can clean the property without damage.

The garage needs to be wiped down. You may need to remove the cobwebs and dust from the Garage. You need to clean some appliances that belonged to the rental property.

Vacate cleaners provide a cheap quote for other areas like outside windows, appliances ( TV, Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher), Garage, Balcony and Patio.They consider as a customised areas and generally these areas are not a part of the cleaners checklist.

Advantages of professional cleaners

  • They already have the experience of work
  • Ease of work
  • Hassle free moving
  • They already have the checklist
  • No need to provide any products or equipments
  • 100% Bond back Cleaning Guarantee
  • Proper printed receipt to submit to landlord
  • Professional cleaners understand the techniques and procedures to follow.
  • Damage free cleaning.
  • Follow your schedule and time
  • They can direct contact to agents if rental agents finds any cleaning issues.